If you are in the middle of nowhere charging your devices is limited depending on terrain, weather and other factors. However, charging a device with a mini hydropower plant has never really been an option, until now. This is the Blue Freedom hydropower plant and yes, it really does utilise the power of flowing water to charge its internal battery pack. The good news is that it will only takes one hour to charge the Blue Freedom when placed in flowing water, this charge will then provide up to ten hours of charging for your Smartphone and you know how handy that could be.

The Blue Freedom comes with some useful features and functions such as; USB charging, a handy LED light, its small enough to be stored away, can be used in almost any depth of water and battery can be used away from the flowing water to allow immediate charging. This is not just for Smartphone’s either, it can charge the batteries are a whole lot of devices such as; cameras, music players, sat navs, lamps, tablets and even a laptop, in short anything with a rechargeable battery.